the first post


i’ve had a blog before and i loved it. and i hated it.

i would feel bad if i didn’t post enough or wasn’t funny enough or whatever.

so when i started thinking about creating a blog dedicated to sewing and the journey it takes me on i really didn’t know if this was the right journey. but after much consideration i decided i wanted a photo journal, more than just ig, to track my journey and communicate with all the lovely people in the sewing world.

here goes. in starting this i promised myself i wouldn’t put any pressure on myself to post a certain amount or be someone i’m not. what you see is what you get on here. i hope you enjoy joining me on our ride.

there’s two of us on this journey- my mom (val) and me (kristen). i’ll be posting but we started this sewing journey together so this blog is for us.

let the fun begin.