Happy Home Heart-o-Gram Quilt Tutorial

Happy Home Heart-o-Gram Quilt Tutorial 

Fabric Featured: Happy Home Fabrics by Sew Caroline for AGF





Low Volumes/White Background: 8 prints

-1/2 yd of each: Window View Spring, Block Festival, Where The Heart is Pure, View Desert, Entryway Joyeaux, Live by Peace, Lotus Beats Passion, and Entryways Candid

Colorful Prints: 12 prints

-1/2 yd of each: Table Flowers Rainbow, Grass in Moonlight, Forget me Not Calm, To Live By Love, Lotus Beats Echo, Bedside Journal Sunny, Table Flowers Cheer, Grass in Sunlight, Forget Me Not Romance, Block Party, Bedside Journal Candid, Where The Heart is Red,


-1 ½ yd Table Flowers Cheer *or pick your favorite print from the line

-1 yd Art Gallery Solid Grapefruilt



Low Volumes:

-2: 5 ½ x WOF from Block Festival

-64: 6 ½ x 6 ½ squares (10 of each remaining low volume prints)

-18: 5 ½ x 5 ½ squares (3 of each print)

Colorful Prints:

-64: 6 ½ x 6 ½ squares (6 of each colorful print)

-20: 5 ½ x 5 ½ squares (2 of each colorful print)


-8: 3 ½ x WOF (solid)

-8: 5 x WOF (print)


Assembling your quilt top:

Create 64 Half Square Triangles (HST) by using one low volume (LV) and one colorful print (CP). Lay one LV 6 ½ x 6 ½ square with one CP 6 ½ x 6 ½ square right sides together (RST) and pin. Draw a diagonal line on the back of the LV square with a water-soluble or air soluble pen. Sew on each side of the line at a ¼ in seam allowance. Cut down the drawn line. Open and press your HST to the dark side.

Now it’s time to lay out your heart. To do this please use photo to help guide which direction the HST will go.

The heart is created using all 20 of the 5 ½ x 5 ½ CP, 18 of the 5 ½ x 5 ½ LV, and 10 HSTs. You can lay out the prints in your favorite layout.

The first row is created using four HST and two CP. The second and third row use six CP squares. The fourth row uses two HST and four CP. The fifth row uses two LV, two HST, and two CP. The last row uses four LV and two HST.

Sew each row together and press well. Then sew the rows together to create the heart square. On each side of the square you will lay out a vertical row of 6 LV 5 ½ x 5 ½ squares. Mix it up however you like. Sew the LV rows together and attach it to your heart.

Now attach the block festival 5 ½ x WOF to the top and bottom of your heart, iron, and trim. Your center is complete!!!

Now it’s time to lay out the rest of your HST to create a ripple affect!

Start with the top and bottom of your heart. Beginning in the middle of the heart, lay your HST down with the CP facing the outside corner away from your heart. The CP should all be going away from your heart center to create a ripple affect. Play around with the HST placement to get your favorite combos. There will be three horizontal rows of 8 HST on top of the heart and three horizontal rows of 8 HST below the heart. Sew each row together, iron and attach it to the heart.

Now repeat with the left and right side, remembering to adjust the diagonal of your CP to the outside corner of your quilt. The left side will have three vertical rows of 14 HSTs and the right side will have two vertical rows of 14 HSTs.

Creating the borders. For each border piece solid and print you will need to sew two strips of solid and two strips of print together to create a long enough border piece. I like to sew this in the bias (diagonal) but you can sew it up and down as well. Once you have your borders created sew your solid borders onto your quilt. First sew on the sides, iron, then sew on your top and bottom. Repeat with your print border.

Press well and congrats your quilt top is done! Grab some fun backing and quilt it however you like.

Happy sewing~Kristen





Maternity Sewing Wish List

I’m pregnant and beyond thrilled to welcome our first little one. I’ve been sewing up a storm for him and can’t wait to show it all off soon.

But lets be honest.

Gaining weight and feeling like a whale is not fun.

I have a hard time buying maternity clothes because they are either crazy priced expensive or just not cute and fit horribly. I have been going with the size up shirts and leggings.

Now that I’m in my third trimester, the maternity clothes are starting to be a necessity. It’s a perfect time to try out some patterns that I think would be pregnant woman friendly. I might not get to all of them but if I don’t set some wish list goals then I know I won’t get to any of them.

Indie Sew is one of my favorite places to get inspired for garment making and they didn’t fail with having a few options that I think will be perfect for my ever growing belly. If you haven’t made it over to visit their site. GO NOW! Allie has done a fantastic job curating the patterns on her site and even has seasonal collections that are TO DIE FOR!!!! Once I’m not pregnant I’ll be sewing up a storm!!!! And if you have never sewn a garment, their blog is fantastic at teaching you the how to’s of garments.

I’ve picked 5 different garments that I’m hopefully going to get to. Each of them is special in their own way and none of them are maternity specific but should work really well!


First up, I’ve picked the super cute and *looks* super comfy Rosaline Dress by KZJO’Studio. I think this would be so cute in a winter knit fabric with leggings and boots. Plus add a belly bump. Perfect.


Next up I picked the super precious SoHo Blouse by See Kate Sew. This top has been on my sewing wish list for a while and I think the flowy bottom would be perfect for maternity and after. I’ve got a few rayon/lawn prints laying around that are calling my name for this top. Hopefully I’ll get to sew it this month.


A staple in the closet, the Eleanor Cardigan by KZJO’Studio is a perfect wear now, wear later maternity outfit. I have tons of solid maternity tees and this would make a super cute addition to them. Add a fun necklace to dress it up and you are good to go! I’m thinking about going with a french terry in navy!


Up next I picked the Bethioua Top by Elle Puls. It looks so cute and comfy. After it came out with the Winter Collection, I’ve been dying to make it. I think with a nice drapy knit, the fit would be really cute even as a maternity shirt. I’m on the hunt for the perfect fabric.


My last *not least* pick is the Wanderer Tunic by Striped Swallow Designs. I’ve been holding onto some RK chambray dots that are perfect for this. I think a blue chambray dot with a fun color on top….swooooooonworthy! It might be put at the top of my list pretty quickly!!!!

Well…..I’ve got some good plans.

Now just to see if I can accomplish at least two of them this month!!!!

Happy Sewing.


Grainline Studio Linden Sweatshirt Review

I’m a quilter.

Not an apparel sewer.

….well….just maybe I’ve changed my mind.

I love the idea of being inspired by a pattern or fabric and feeling skilled enough to turn it into a wearable item. My husband always says how many quilts do you need honey…this solves everything!

I was first inspired to make clothes as SewOk Retreat about a year and a half ago after watching my sweet friends Leslie and Caroline whip up adorable clothes in just hours, making it seem easy. Now it’s going to take some time for me to feel truly comfortable with sewing garments but I love trying things out!

One of the scariest things looking at garments is knit.

It just terrifies me.

Conquer your fears right?!?

Thanks to numerous pep talks and the introduction to what I call the lightening stitch, I took the plunge and man I love knits. It’s amazing. And it doesn’t fray.

The Linden Sweatshirt Pattern was one of my first knit garment sewing projects. If you have never sewn knit I STRONGLY RECOMMEND making this pattern. It’s as easy as it comes. And no real hemming (another of my fears!).


I chose to make mine out of Art Gallery knit from Hello Bear and a solid Robert Kaufman knit (both are linked for places to buy).

I love how it turned out. I’m still working on getting a softer stitch on the bottom (it’s a little wavy) but other than that it’s golden! And COMFORTABLE!!!! I’ll be making more to keep me warm in the Texas “winter”.


And of course I had to show of my baby bump! Can’t wait to meet our little dude!

If you are ready to try out the Linden Sweatshirt, purchase the pattern here from Grainline Studio.

Happy Sewing~Kristen

****pattern and fabric were purchased by me and all of the options are my own :)****