Mini Project: Christmas Cards (10 minutes!!!!)

Christmas cards didn’t happen this year with everything being crazy at home with the baby and job changes. I wanted to at least have a few cute cards to go with my handmade gifts so I grabbed my plain cardstock and went to work with my favorite things: washi tape and fabric scraps! I keep these cards on hand for a quick card great for any occasion.



Cards and Envelopes

-fabric scraps

washi tape

-ribbon or twine to wrap the cards up

-sewing machine


-holiday chocolate (ok this is just my addition, pregnant woman needs)



-Grab a card and play with a layout for fabric.

-Head to your sewing machine and sew a straight line in the middle of each scrap to hold it in place. (no need to backstitch)

-Fold card and write a sweet note for your friend!

-For washi tape cards, think about different designs that you like. This can be a christmas tree, ornament, or random lines.

-Tape it down, fold your card and enjoy!



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