Fall Market 2015: Part 2

After schoolhouse and sample spree I have to admit I was exhausted. Thanks to a parade, rain, and construction it took us an hour to get from our hotel to market….grumpa bear was out!

This year we only had one day to make it through the floor of market so it was a rush but we had a blast! I tried to snag as many pics as possible but I missed a few that I wish I had gotten.

Windham has some fan-TAS-tic lines of fabric coming out. EEEEEKKK, I’ve got bundles of the ones below and have already been plotting what I’ll make.

Mendocino by Heather Ross, Paper Obsessed by Heather Givans, and Good Hair Day by Kim Andersson

Carolyn Friedlander previewed her newest line Carkai at market and it did not disappoint! I got a chance to make some earrings to match her outfit and wall! Her new patterns are seriously amazing. Maybe one of these days I’ll take on the challenge of needleturn applique!

Carkai by Carolyn Friendlander for Robert Kaufman

Art Gallery always has the most inspiring and interactive booths at market. I seriously could spend hours looking at all the projects!!!

Petal and Plum by Bari J., Chalk and Paint by Caroline Hulse, and Paperie by Amy Sinibaldi

Below are a few of my all-time favorite booths to stop in. Alison Glass had her new knit line featured which is to die for! Can’t wait to make garments with it. Sassafras Lane has two amazing new monthly clubs designed for 2016 and I’m on board! I may have already started the BOM and cut the first mini club of the month. The Tula Pink booth was so fun and colorful!! We loved grabbing a copy of her new coloring book and getting a sneak peak at her new notions. Shannon Brinkley is a sweet friend of mine who is a local Texas gal. She has her first line coming out this spring! I think I may have squealed a little when I saw her booth. And of course Domestic Strata had her ever amazing quilts and bag patterns up. Her hand quilting is amazing. Just amazing!

Moda has the coolest set-up at market. They are all in a U and its easy to make it to all of them and see everyone! I just think their designers are the sweetest of sweet can be! I love sweet Vanessa and of course I’m a sucker for a mother-daughter duo of A Quilting Life! Their new lines are swoon-worthy!!!

Little Miss Sunshine by Vanessa Goertzen, Valley by A Quilting Life, and Vintage Picnic by Bonnie and Camille

Wasn’t it all gorgeous!!!

I come home from market on an inspiration high and want to create as soooooon as I get home.

And then there are a few days to recover from all the overstimulation!

Can’t wait to show you some of the fun things I’ve made since market!!!


P.S. Up next…….Last minute handmade Christmas Guide

Fall Market 2015: Part 1

I am finally getting back to my blog (of one post). Oops! I promise to be better…..I promise! (see my goals at the end)

Market may be one of my favorite things to do as a sewer. It’s a time for everyone in the profession to get a chance to hang out and see what’s coming. And I love it! It’s like the night before Christmas. I can’t sleep and I get giddy with excitement to see all of my friends.

This year I got a chance to help out a few different companies and make some samples that were seen across the market floor. It’s so much fun to walk around and see all the projects I got to work on.


SewCaroline’s Chalk and Paint Booth for Art Gallery Fabric

Caroline Hulse of Sew Caroline asked me to make a few things out of her Chalk and Paint Fabric for AFG booth and gave me the freedom to create whatever I wanted. I pulled out the trusty sketchbook and got to drawing. I ended up making all of the pillows seen above, the Noodlehead bag on the bottom left, and the Noodlehead clutch right below “paint” (both bags are from Noodlehead’s book Handmade Style Book). It was so much fun to just create without a task in mind!

SewCaroline’s Chalk and Paint Booth for Art Gallery Fabric

Next up, I got to work with Windham Fabrics new line Flower Pedals by Carolyn Gavin. The new line is so fun and playful. I made a Noodlehead Super Tote and two Noodlehead Envelope Clutch. (Yes, I’m a huge NH fan, I mean her patterns are just too well written to not be!) These patterns were picked by Windham, but happen to be two of my favorites that I’ve made for myself and gifts.
I made a quilt for Windham and a few items for Thermoweb but in the chaos that is market, I forgot to snag pictures. Once I get it all back, I’ll be sure to post a few!
One of my favorite parts of going to market is getting to take my mom and partner in crime with me. She’s the reason I started quilting and getting to experience it all with her is by far the best.
This year we did fall market right. We arrived the night before schoolhouse (30 minute previews from designers and companies) and got ready for our jam-packed schoolhouse/sample spree Friday.

SewCaroline’s Chalk and Paint Booth for Art Gallery Fabric

Ok schoolhouse was AMAZING! It was our first time going and we just had a blast. Being pregnant slowed me down a bit and we had to take a few more breaks than I had anticipated but it was still fun.


We made it to all of our favorites: Angela Walter’s Fractional for Robert Kaufman, Jeni Baker’s new book for Lucky Spool, Carolyn Friedlander’s Carkai for Robert Kaufman, Sassafras Lane’s new BOM, and Elizabeth Hartman’s Pacific for Robert Kaufman. They were all phenomenal.

By the end of schoolhouse I was EXHAUSTED. And beyond INSPIRED…but we had one thing left to do…..


Sample spree is a crazy time for shops and industry peeps to have an opportunity to purchase fabric and notions before they have hit general public. It’s a lot of fun but kindof like a stampede. Of fabric loving crazy people.

This year mom and I braved the long wait and made it to our third sample spree. It did not disappoint. We aren’t as crazy as most, but we always try to catch some of the goods: Robert Kaufman, Windham, Cotton and Steel….


SewCaroline’s Chalk and Paint Booth for Art Gallery Fabric

…and then I passed out.


One long post for the first one in almost a year! Thanks for sticking with me!

Goals: a post a week plus a tutorial a month. I’ve gotta set some type of parameter!!!!

Next up…..

Fall Market: Part 2