Happy Home Heart-o-Gram Quilt Tutorial

Happy Home Heart-o-Gram Quilt Tutorial 

Fabric Featured: Happy Home Fabrics by Sew Caroline for AGF





Low Volumes/White Background: 8 prints

-1/2 yd of each: Window View Spring, Block Festival, Where The Heart is Pure, View Desert, Entryway Joyeaux, Live by Peace, Lotus Beats Passion, and Entryways Candid

Colorful Prints: 12 prints

-1/2 yd of each: Table Flowers Rainbow, Grass in Moonlight, Forget me Not Calm, To Live By Love, Lotus Beats Echo, Bedside Journal Sunny, Table Flowers Cheer, Grass in Sunlight, Forget Me Not Romance, Block Party, Bedside Journal Candid, Where The Heart is Red,


-1 ½ yd Table Flowers Cheer *or pick your favorite print from the line

-1 yd Art Gallery Solid Grapefruilt



Low Volumes:

-2: 5 ½ x WOF from Block Festival

-64: 6 ½ x 6 ½ squares (10 of each remaining low volume prints)

-18: 5 ½ x 5 ½ squares (3 of each print)

Colorful Prints:

-64: 6 ½ x 6 ½ squares (6 of each colorful print)

-20: 5 ½ x 5 ½ squares (2 of each colorful print)


-8: 3 ½ x WOF (solid)

-8: 5 x WOF (print)


Assembling your quilt top:

Create 64 Half Square Triangles (HST) by using one low volume (LV) and one colorful print (CP). Lay one LV 6 ½ x 6 ½ square with one CP 6 ½ x 6 ½ square right sides together (RST) and pin. Draw a diagonal line on the back of the LV square with a water-soluble or air soluble pen. Sew on each side of the line at a ¼ in seam allowance. Cut down the drawn line. Open and press your HST to the dark side.

Now it’s time to lay out your heart. To do this please use photo to help guide which direction the HST will go.

The heart is created using all 20 of the 5 ½ x 5 ½ CP, 18 of the 5 ½ x 5 ½ LV, and 10 HSTs. You can lay out the prints in your favorite layout.

The first row is created using four HST and two CP. The second and third row use six CP squares. The fourth row uses two HST and four CP. The fifth row uses two LV, two HST, and two CP. The last row uses four LV and two HST.

Sew each row together and press well. Then sew the rows together to create the heart square. On each side of the square you will lay out a vertical row of 6 LV 5 ½ x 5 ½ squares. Mix it up however you like. Sew the LV rows together and attach it to your heart.

Now attach the block festival 5 ½ x WOF to the top and bottom of your heart, iron, and trim. Your center is complete!!!

Now it’s time to lay out the rest of your HST to create a ripple affect!

Start with the top and bottom of your heart. Beginning in the middle of the heart, lay your HST down with the CP facing the outside corner away from your heart. The CP should all be going away from your heart center to create a ripple affect. Play around with the HST placement to get your favorite combos. There will be three horizontal rows of 8 HST on top of the heart and three horizontal rows of 8 HST below the heart. Sew each row together, iron and attach it to the heart.

Now repeat with the left and right side, remembering to adjust the diagonal of your CP to the outside corner of your quilt. The left side will have three vertical rows of 14 HSTs and the right side will have two vertical rows of 14 HSTs.

Creating the borders. For each border piece solid and print you will need to sew two strips of solid and two strips of print together to create a long enough border piece. I like to sew this in the bias (diagonal) but you can sew it up and down as well. Once you have your borders created sew your solid borders onto your quilt. First sew on the sides, iron, then sew on your top and bottom. Repeat with your print border.

Press well and congrats your quilt top is done! Grab some fun backing and quilt it however you like.

Happy sewing~Kristen





Mini Project: Christmas Cards (10 minutes!!!!)

Christmas cards didn’t happen this year with everything being crazy at home with the baby and job changes. I wanted to at least have a few cute cards to go with my handmade gifts so I grabbed my plain cardstock and went to work with my favorite things: washi tape and fabric scraps! I keep these cards on hand for a quick card great for any occasion.



Cards and Envelopes

-fabric scraps

washi tape

-ribbon or twine to wrap the cards up

-sewing machine


-holiday chocolate (ok this is just my addition, pregnant woman needs)



-Grab a card and play with a layout for fabric.

-Head to your sewing machine and sew a straight line in the middle of each scrap to hold it in place. (no need to backstitch)

-Fold card and write a sweet note for your friend!

-For washi tape cards, think about different designs that you like. This can be a christmas tree, ornament, or random lines.

-Tape it down, fold your card and enjoy!



Next up……Linden Sweatshirt Review

Last Minute Handmade Holiday

Who’s feeling a tad bit behind this year???? Well, I’m the furthest behind I’ve ever been. Lets just say I started Christmas shopping last weekend. Oops!!!!

One of my favorite things to do is make something handmade for my girlfriends and family. I just love giving something to someone that you picked out and made for them. It’s my favorite type of gift too!

This year with me being soo… behind, I had to change my typical sewing list to be a tad bit more practical.

I’ve spent some time compiling a list of my favorite DIY bloggers and pattern writers easiest and cutest projects….Most of these should take an hour or two and with things laying around in our typical sewing rooms or with a quick stop at your local craft store.


First up we have Erin from Sewbon. If you haven’t made it over to her blog before (my quilter friends) head there now. Be inspired. She’s a garment sewer by trade but has tons of DIY projects that the quilter can handle easily. Plus her pictures are just way too cute!!!

Make-up Brush Organizer, Faux Fur Throw, Bath Robe, and Leather Cut Out Clutch

Next up I picked a few of my favorite DIY tutorials from my sweet friend Caroline of SewCaroline. She is primarily a garment sewer but has recently gotten more and more into quilts. I’m so proud :)! She has a few lines with Art Gallery (Happy Home and Gleeful) and a new line coming out in the spring (Chalk and Paint). I love her patterns and fabric. It’s the perfect site to check out all crafty goodness!

Quilted iPad Mini Pouch, Jewelry Holder, Wrap it up Bracelet, and Tassel Infinity Scarf

Nicole from Modern Handcraft is one of my favorite instagramers and is a HUGE inspiration for me. Her modern hexies have taken the world by storm. Every time I’m feeling like a need a bit of creative motivation, I’ll check out what Nicole’s got going on! Although she has tons of modern hexie ideas, I picked a few of her other quick DIYs to look at making this week. I’m saving my two hexie projects to finish for baby w after Christmas!

Quilted File Folder, Fabric Spool Keychain, Half Hexagon Coaster Set, and Modern Geometric Pillows

If you haven’t made it to Anna from Noodlehead‘s blog and patterns….go. right now. It’s amazing. I love it all. I may have made every one of her bags. She writes the most comprehensive and easy to read patterns. I’ve picked a few of her quick DIY projects to feature, but trust me you’ll see lots of projects I’ve made using her patterns in the future.

Toothbrush/Paste Carrier, Lil Cutie Pouches, Open Wide Zipper Pouches, and Fabric Trays


Ok, now that you have tons of ideas on some quick handmade Christmas gifts, go grab your supplies and get to making! A week and a half left!!!!

Can’t wait to see what you’ve made!!!


next up…..last minute handmade christmas cards

***all pictures were used with permission from each of the creators***



Fall Market 2015: Part 1

I am finally getting back to my blog (of one post). Oops! I promise to be better…..I promise! (see my goals at the end)

Market may be one of my favorite things to do as a sewer. It’s a time for everyone in the profession to get a chance to hang out and see what’s coming. And I love it! It’s like the night before Christmas. I can’t sleep and I get giddy with excitement to see all of my friends.

This year I got a chance to help out a few different companies and make some samples that were seen across the market floor. It’s so much fun to walk around and see all the projects I got to work on.


SewCaroline’s Chalk and Paint Booth for Art Gallery Fabric

Caroline Hulse of Sew Caroline asked me to make a few things out of her Chalk and Paint Fabric for AFG booth and gave me the freedom to create whatever I wanted. I pulled out the trusty sketchbook and got to drawing. I ended up making all of the pillows seen above, the Noodlehead bag on the bottom left, and the Noodlehead clutch right below “paint” (both bags are from Noodlehead’s book Handmade Style Book). It was so much fun to just create without a task in mind!

SewCaroline’s Chalk and Paint Booth for Art Gallery Fabric

Next up, I got to work with Windham Fabrics new line Flower Pedals by Carolyn Gavin. The new line is so fun and playful. I made a Noodlehead Super Tote and two Noodlehead Envelope Clutch. (Yes, I’m a huge NH fan, I mean her patterns are just too well written to not be!) These patterns were picked by Windham, but happen to be two of my favorites that I’ve made for myself and gifts.
I made a quilt for Windham and a few items for Thermoweb but in the chaos that is market, I forgot to snag pictures. Once I get it all back, I’ll be sure to post a few!
One of my favorite parts of going to market is getting to take my mom and partner in crime with me. She’s the reason I started quilting and getting to experience it all with her is by far the best.
This year we did fall market right. We arrived the night before schoolhouse (30 minute previews from designers and companies) and got ready for our jam-packed schoolhouse/sample spree Friday.

SewCaroline’s Chalk and Paint Booth for Art Gallery Fabric

Ok schoolhouse was AMAZING! It was our first time going and we just had a blast. Being pregnant slowed me down a bit and we had to take a few more breaks than I had anticipated but it was still fun.


We made it to all of our favorites: Angela Walter’s Fractional for Robert Kaufman, Jeni Baker’s new book for Lucky Spool, Carolyn Friedlander’s Carkai for Robert Kaufman, Sassafras Lane’s new BOM, and Elizabeth Hartman’s Pacific for Robert Kaufman. They were all phenomenal.

By the end of schoolhouse I was EXHAUSTED. And beyond INSPIRED…but we had one thing left to do…..


Sample spree is a crazy time for shops and industry peeps to have an opportunity to purchase fabric and notions before they have hit general public. It’s a lot of fun but kindof like a stampede. Of fabric loving crazy people.

This year mom and I braved the long wait and made it to our third sample spree. It did not disappoint. We aren’t as crazy as most, but we always try to catch some of the goods: Robert Kaufman, Windham, Cotton and Steel….


SewCaroline’s Chalk and Paint Booth for Art Gallery Fabric

…and then I passed out.


One long post for the first one in almost a year! Thanks for sticking with me!

Goals: a post a week plus a tutorial a month. I’ve gotta set some type of parameter!!!!

Next up…..

Fall Market: Part 2